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Basic things about Montenegro

Where is Montenegro ?
– Located in the southeastern Europe, at Balkan peninsula, Montenegro is also Mediterranean country. Position at the very hearth of Europe, rich cultural heritage and climate diversity makes Montenegro attractive tourist destination.
– Montenegro together with Italy is the widest part of the so called Strait of Otranto.
– Borders: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Italy (Adriatic sea).
– Time Zone: CET (UTC+1)
– Capital City: Podgorica
– Total area: 13,812 sq km

How did Montenegro gets its name ?
– Crna Gora, literally translated as Black Mountain named by very dense and thick forests on and around mountain Lovćen which is a heart of Old Montenegro.

Population ?
– Montenegro is tiny country with a population of less than one million people (644,578 (July 2016 est.)). Native Montenegrins, ortodox christians make up about 45% of its population while Serbs, Bosnians, Albanians, Muslims and Croats form the rest of the country’s population.
– The country has a fairly low population density of just 45 people per square kilometer.
– People in Montenegro keep up old customs and traditions and highly appreciate familly values. A person who shows virtues of: integrity, dignity, humility, self-sacrifice for the just cause, respect for others and rectitude along with bravery is well respected in the country.
– Literacy rate is high, 98,5 percent.

Language ?
– Montenegrin. It is the same language that is spoken in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina but with dialectical differences.

Economy ?
– The economy of Montenegro is service-based with its main industries focused on: tourism, metal industry, agriculture. The economy still recovering from the impact of the Yugoslavian wars, the decline of industry following the breakup of SFRY and UN economic sanctions.
– Currency: EURO. Montenegro does not mint, issue or print euro coins or notes. It imports them from other countries that are part of the Eurozone.
– EU status: Negotiate

Government ?
– parliamentary republic
– President Milo Djukanovic
– Prime minister: Dusko Markovic

Climate ?
– Mediterranean climate, hot dry summers and autumns and relatively cold winters with heavy snowfalls inland.

Airports ?
– Podgorica and Tivat
– Tourist alse use near airport Ćilipi in Croatia (Dubrovnik).

Marinas ?
– Bar, Budva, Kotor and Herceg Novi

Be sure to visit (the most beautiful places in Montenegro):
– The longest beach Ulcinj 13000 m long.
– Durmitor and the highest peak Bobotov kuk 2522 m high.
– Skadar Lake is the largest 391 km2.
– The deepest canyon of the Tara 1300 m
– The largest bay Boka Kotorska.
– Ada (Ulcinj), Sveti Stefan (Budva), Lovćen NP, NP Biogradska gora (Kolasin) and the Monastery Ostrog.

The world natural and cultural heritage under UNESCO protection:
– Durmitor with the canyon of the Tara River and the old town of Kotor

National Parks:
– Durmitor, Biograd gora, Lake Skadar, Lovćen, Prokletije.

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